St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church has grit. It was born in 1890 as a mission of Trinity Church, Toledo, came of age during the Great Depression, saw Its first home destroyed by fire, managed to build a small new church, expanded, renovated, experienced shattering social change in both the world and the wider church, shrank as its sons and daughters abandoned organized religion, and now expands again, as new families respond to our warmth and vibrancy. Children crowd our aisle. Babies are born and baptized. We are a phenomenon: an Episcopal church that is growing.

The Via Media

St. Andrew’s parish embodies the Anglican Via Media — the middle way. We represent almost every class, education level, profession, theological belief, political viewpoint, social, and cultural preference that can be documented. We are firmly conservative and passionately liberal and somewhere in between; yet we come together each week in welcoming, affectionate communion. We recognize that worshipping together connects us to God, whereas contention and intolerance can only separate us.


Our love for our rich liturgy unites us. We celebrate the Holy Eucharist each Sunday – Rite I without music at 8:00 AM and Solemn Choral Rite II at 10:00 AM — and on holy days and saints’ anniversaries as they occur during the week. The flock of acolytes, the bells, lectors and servers, the incense and asperges: this modest pageantry, ‘high church’ to some, fills us with thankfulness and joy. Music is led by an adult choir, a new electronic organ, and a very grand piano. We use the 1982 Hymnal and Lift Every Voice and Sing 2 and welcome performances by both classical and contemporary musicians. Our past rectors have set a high homiletic bar. We are accustomed to carefully crafted, compelling sermons that relate the text to how we might meet challenges and conundrums in our own lives. There is never haranguing or political persuading or advocacy for any cause except how we might best follow the example of Jesus Christ.
Our Annual Budget is based on a realistic estimate of pledge and plate offerings. It has no frills. Fund-raising events are held throughout the year and a number of programs are funded through grants. Money for special projects often comes unexpectedly –- windfalls of generosity! There are many opportunities for parish growth, as we are located next to a number of stable, attractive neighborhoods adjacent to The University of Toledo, all of them full of families ripe for recruitment.
We have two Sunday School classes during the 10AM service, with Godly Play for 3 to 9 year- olds and ‘Big Kids Class’ for youngsters through Junior High. Our gifted acolyte squadron currently numbers 15 young people aged 9 to 17.
Our goal is to be good neighborhood stewards. We are a distribution center for area food banks, we provide Christmas festivity and gifts at our annual Neighborhood Joy celebration, and we offer meeting space for AA and other community organizations. In 2014, we initiated a very successful Vacation Bible School, which we will continue in partnership with other parishes and organizations.
We are poised at a really wonderful place in the history of St. Andrew’s: grounded and disciplined by our past; infused now with new energy.

Rector Search

We seek a rector who will maintain our warmth and rich liturgical tradition and at the same time lead us into vigorous new stewardship, spiritual growth, and service.

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